You Are a Godsend

Heady stuff. That comment, from a client, came on the heels of a very fun video shoot where we worked together to synthesize lots of dense information into a concise, easy to grasp, message, delivered energetically and enthusiastically on camera.

I know many of you shudder at the thought of doing take after take on camera but, as my client pointed out, the pain of that activity is hugely reduced when someone else takes responsibility for the outcome. My client arrived with lots of great information and a willingness to work hard to be her very best on camera, then relied on me to watch and listen closely to ensure what she said was relevant and engaging to the intended audience.

Oftentimes, on video shoots, you’ll get advice on how to stand, where to throw your eye line, maybe how not to squint into the sun, and other technical pointers BUT you rarely get in-depth feedback on the message. That’s because most production crews focus on getting the look and sound right, and don’t even dabble in the content. And nor should they, unless they’ve spent loads of time familiarizing themselves with the industry, the audience and the intended outcome of the messaging. In my many years of producing video and field producing shoots, I’ve worked with some of the most talented videographers and editors, all of whom readily admit that they aren’t comfortable straying outside their expertise to take responsibility for the message.

If you have a video shoot impending, and there is no field producer hired to help you make your message sing, get in touch and we can do a virtual pre-shoot so you’re completely comfortable, prepared and will rock it on the day.

Joanna Piros