The Art of Speech & Interview Skills

I help you succeed with a proven system of strategic communications
that makes you more engaging and persuasive.

There is always a story to be discovered, polished and told in ways that assure a successful outcome. Coaching sessions for individuals or groups are customized to your needs and I work where you are.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have grown up on screen, or on camera and yet Zoom and other virtual platforms now take up a significant portion of our days. We are judged immediately by the quality of our lighting, our camera angles, our eye contact, and our audio. It’s not brain surgery but it’s important to get the best set up and then understand the dynamics of engaging and persuading on camera.



To answer questions from your executive team, staff or the media, you have to understand where their interests lie and use that insight to respond to their real concerns. For media training, on-camera practice trains you to get your story across effectively. And, critical for job and promotional interviews, it helps to be able to distill and present your relevant experience and talent in the right format and in the right order.

If you can’t tell your story, your achievements and insights sink without a trace. Success requires you to be a performer, strategist and persuader who can cut through the noise of everyday life to touch emotions and engage people. If you need help with the presentation that comes BEFORE the Q & A, I can help you analyze the audience and its needs, curate your content for maximum success and help you tell your story in the most engaging way possible.  I work with groups as well as one-on-one.  Our first meeting is always FREE.


It’s not a Zoom meeting; it’s a TV show!