Speech & Interview Coaching & Training

I help you succeed with a proven system of strategic communications that makes you more engaging and persuasive. There is always a story to be discovered, polished and told in ways that assure a successful outcome. Coaching sessions for individuals or groups are customized to your needs and I work where you are.

Presentation support

If you can’t tell your story, your achievements and insights sink without a trace. Success requires you to be a performer, strategist and persuader who can cut through the noise of everyday life to touch emotions and engage people.

Interview coaching and training

To answer questions from your executive team, staff or the media, you have to understand where their interests lie and use that insight to respond to their real concerns. For media training, on-camera practice trains you to get your story across effectively.

Conference preparation and coaching

Well-trained speakers make conference sessions and workshops great, but you can’t wing it; you need proven audience-identification techniques and strategic communications practices to stand out from the crowd. And women in business face unique challenges; I’ve had great success helping women make an impact in their workplace and around the boardroom table.