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Joanna Piros

Five thousand
seven hundred
and ninety six

That’s a rough calculation
of how many people
I have coached
and trained
to light up a room,
inspire teams or
get that job or promotion.

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However the Covid-19 crisis has affected your family, your work, your business and your community, good communication is critical.

You may be busier than ever, providing an essential service, you may be dealing with shutting the doors and laying people off or you may be scrambling to retool and reinvent what you do so that you can continue to do it differently.

As you struggle to figure out how your business will survive, and how long you can support your staff, honest and open communication will endear you to your employees and to your customers. When this is over, we’ll reap what we sowed today.

It’s daunting to think about all the communication you could be doing so I’d like to help!

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