Five-thousand, nine-hundred and forty-three

That’s a rough calculation of how many people I have coached and trained to light up a room, inspire teams or get that job or promotion.

I am a trainer, coach and consultant and I am passionate about your success.

After many years as a journalist in radio and television, I teach public speaking, communication skills and media relations, in a variety of settings. I work with individuals and with groups to create customized workshops. My client list includes every industry and profession from senior executives, cabinet ministers, mayors, celebrities and NHL draft picks to scientists, lawyers and exotic dancers.

Perhaps you’ve been passed over for plum projects, tanked in the interview or received performance reviews that question your presentation and communication skills.

Your success is my passion. I am a trainer, coach and consultant and I can be all yours through my new online coaching platform that makes it quick, easy and inexpensive to get professional feedback on your next important conversation.  Even better, the skills you’ll learn can be applied to any situation, with anyone, on any subject.

Great speakers aren’t born; they are made by coaches that turn real people into TED talkers. No matter how anxious you are in the spotlight, or good you are in front of an audience, I can help you go bigger and get better.

Be a compelling leader. Get the dream job. Inspire action.

    These are some of my clients…ask them!