You know you need help in crafting and delivering the message; in standing up, being seen and being heard. You may shy away from public speaking or media interviews because, let’s face it, they’re both scary and intimidating and you were never trained for those challenges.

Good news! You can pursue all your goals and dreams with confidence and enthusiasm and achieve greater success.

My job is to make that happen by giving you the tools and coaching to be yourself on the big stage of life.

Here are just a few case studies of how taking a strategic approach to communications, and then training for the opportunities, has resulted in tremendous outcomes:

  • The manufacturing firm has been called to present to one of their biggest customers in the US. The customer is consolidating its supply chain and wants to give more business to just a few suppliers. My client wants to be one of them. After a weekend spent coaching the presentation team on an audience focused presentation style and drilling them for Q and A, the firm is awarded a much greater piece of the pie. Bingo.
  • The high school principal wants to move into an administrative role to have a greater impact on education in the district. She has been told she needs help with her interview skills and when she sees her first take at answering questions on camera she acknowledges that even she dozed off during the interview. A few sessions of working together to craft appropriate and engaging answers, and practice in vocalization, voice modulation and articulation and she gets the job. Yay!
  • The engineer has been invited to speak at a global conference of high powered players. After a session of reworking his presentation to include a compelling metaphor, and some coaching around raising the performance bar, he almost cancels his trip, intimidated by the personal goal he’s taken on. He doesn’t cancel. When the lights come up after his presentation he sees 50 people waving business cards at him. He feels like a rock star. Applause!

Whatever your challenge is, together we can craft a training or coaching experience to ensure your success. Call or email me to learn more. Let’s have coffee. Or tea.