Whether or not I agree with the sentiments, I have been shocked in recent weeks by the level of vitriol displayed by respected news publications.  Many of the comments are remarkable for the lack of respect being shown for what was once the highest office in the USA.  All this comes, of course, thanks to the person who currently occupies that office and it is starting to stick to the furniture, the carpeting, the wallpaper and the windows, never to be entirely washed off.  That ship has sailed and the presidency will never be the same.  Knowing what we now know about many previous administrations and presidents, it’s not that bad behaviour in and from the oval is new; what is new is the obliteration of respect.

I can’t blame the New Yorker and other well established publications for their lack of respect because it’s virtually impossible to respect someone or something that shows not a whit of respect for others, or for itself.  It doesn’t really matter who started it; it may never recover.