Teen Boys Every Mother Can Love

Some of my favourite clients are 16- and 17-year-olds. No, really. And this is their time to shine. Yes, it’s high-school graduation, or commencement, time but my guys are somewhat distracted by a grueling event that’s coming up next week: it’s the NHL Scouting Combine, being held in Buffalo from June 1 through the 6th.

The combine, which is by invitation, showcases the top draft-eligible prospects from North America and Europe ahead of the NHL Draft™.

For those who aren’t familiar, the combine includes numerous player interviews, medical assessments, and a series of physical fitness tests which push the limits of endurance. All NHL member Clubs can schedule individual interviews with players in preparation for the NHL Draft. As we move into this process, some of my client players already have 30+ interviews on their dance card.

So, picture this: you’re 17 years old, maybe been living away from home since you were 13, living and breathing hockey and doing as much schooling as the schedule permits. You haven’t had a summer job or done much travelling with the family because….hockey.

I’ve been coaching these kids over the past 15 years, and I can say with conviction that everyone that has crossed my screen has been respectful, thoughtful, grateful, and motivated. Do they all come super prepared as I’d like them to? Not a chance, but over the years I’ve noticed a much greater appreciation for personal brand, for being on top of your messaging, for understanding the politics and economics of the business of hockey, and not just the tactical moves of what happens on the ice.

This pre-combine, pre-draft experience has enriched my work by forcing me to find new ways to explain and execute strategic communications best practices and gives me a pile of additional kids to cheer for.

It was doing that work which prompted me to create the Q & A prep tool.
Read all about it here: ACE Q&A PREP TOOL FOR YOU

Joanna Piros