Speaking to the Wider World

I had the pleasure of MCing a Soiree/gala/fundraiser last night, this one for the Georgia Strait Alliance.  Although it was disappointing not to be able to get dressed up and meet people in a classy venue somewhere, to share stories, drinks and silent auction bidding, there was a different opportunity realized.  Had the gala been held in the “old world”, before COVID, the attendees would have been limited to those for whom it was convenient, i.e. Victoria and Vancouver Island residents or Vancouver residents.  As it turned out, the gala welcomed attendees from south of the border and overseas, which would not have happened in real life. We could hear remarks from people in distant places and enjoy musical performances from the artists’ own homes and studios.

So while the restrictions of virtual gatherings have taken a lot of the fun out of getting together, we are managing to find the upside of doing business virtually, even if that means we gather from our own homes, in front of our own screens.  Do I want this to continue forever? Absolutely not, but I firmly believe future events will include a virtual component to allow distant friends to join us in those classy ballrooms once we can gather again.

Joanna Piros