Strategic Communications Primer


What is it you want to achieve?

Who do you have to persuade to make it real?

What do you have to say, how do you have to say it, when and where do you have to say it?


Those are the fundamentals of a strategic communications approach. From that we move into tactics:  is it an interview, is it a meeting, is it advertising, marketing, website, video?

Don’t leave your story to chance.  With my help you will be able to select the right approach to tell it the way it deserves to be told.


911I work extensively with police and fire in the area of effective front-line communications on the emergency scene. While this was traditionally a media relations function, social media has turned every bystander into a citizen journalist, posing new challenges for police and fire spokespeople on the front lines.

I also help Fire Chiefs and Fire Departments creative strategic communications plans to address the specific needs of the community, be it recruitment of volunteers to join the department, upgrading standards of coverage by lobbying local government, or creating policy around acceptable social media use.

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