Are you preparing for an upcoming event?

  • Chairing an important conference
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Appearing in court
  • Kicking off a campaign
  • Pitching to investors or stakeholders
  • Seeking community input and support
  • Speaking at an international conference


Here is how I can help:

  • Craft a persuasive message based on your objectives
  • Give you the confidence to deliver the message effectively
  • Assess your current presentation style and raise your game
  • Help create a strategic communication plan for all audiences and stakeholders
  • Provide feedback and coaching on the non-verbal aspects of your style


It’s not about what you do, but who you are.


joanna-piros-4Leadership, success, satisfaction; they all rely on a heightened ability to cut through the noise of everyday life to engage people in meaningful ways. It’s not enough to be a good public speaker; success today requires you to be a performer, a strategist and a persuader.


Storytelling is the silver bullet when it comes to engaging emotions and creating memorable interactions with others. Although we are natural story lovers and story tellers, the craft of identifying, honing and then telling a great story takes practice, and it takes work. I can help you find those stories in your own experiences, and coach you through the crafting and performing of them.

joanna-piros-5Women in business face unique challenges, particularly those in traditionally male-dominated industries. I have had great success in working specifically with women wanting help in being seen and heard at work and around the board room table.

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