In-house Solutions for Businesses & Organizations

The larger your organization, the more people you must empower to communicate with customers, other staff, and a myriad of stakeholders.  Oftentimes the success of your organization relies on how well your people communicate your values, your services and your competitive advantage.

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It’s not just your communications group who must communicate.


Today’s business landscape makes it imperative that your content experts, directors, and executive staff can all speak concisely and compellingly.

I provide coaching and support to help your employees be more engaging and persuasive using my proven system of strategic communications.

Training workshops and coaching sessions can be delivered to groups or individuals, and are completely customized to your needs and the goals of your organization.

  • Internal and external presentations
  • Conference and association addresses
  • Interviews with media, funders, stakeholders, community partners
  • Networking
  • Pitching
  • Generating fresh views of your product and yourself
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Coaching employees for promotion, redeployment or outplacement interviews
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