When a certain candidate made himself known in the Republican race for President, the media was all over the novelty of it. There was slavish coverage of every wild comment, every unfounded allegation, every ludicrous threat/promise.  Over time, cooler heads have prevailed and most of the media coverage is now telling us Trump will not win, that his ratings are dropping like a stone, and that the remaining supporters are the most wild-eyed crazies the country has to offer.

Like many people, the media seemed to be initially taken by the decidedly unprofessional, non-political, non-traditional candidate and reported all of it with glee.  In recent weeks the media must be commended for more fact-checking and calling the campaign out on blatant untruths; for digging up audio and video tape and for convincing numerous women to step up and tell the world how the candidate treated them when he was just a loud-mouthed civilian.  This is the kind of coverage the public needs, the kind that holds people to account for their words, their actions and their lies.

Here’s my problem with the coverage overall, however.  Even in its attempt to recover and reclaim the moral high ground of journalistic endeavour, most of the media is still covering every utterance and every idiocy that comes from the Trump campaign, under the guise that we need to know so we can fully understand and assess. By we I mean those who have the power to vote and not those of us who are gnawing off our own hands in anxiety.

We are beyond all that now. It’s time to stop covering pointless comments and gratuitous fatuousness under the guise of journalism.  Yes, some good work is being done but there is no need to burden the world with the circus posturing.  It was once the case that we could say, I won’t dignify that comment or question.  Let’s not dignify this man by continuing to provide 24-7 coverage of his every utterance.  We get it, we can endure or ignore one more debate. Give us back some information about the rest of the world.