Miracle Cure! Get Yours Now!

You may have noticed one of COVID’s by-products has been an inflammation of your joints, or an enduring brain fog. There are so many lingering effects being reported and researched. In my case, COVID fallout essentially turned me into a 90-year-old overnight. Before it struck, I had no problem with Sleeping Pigeon and other stretchy yoga poses, and now I make a funny noise when putting on my runners. 

As Leonard Cohen so aptly noted in a song, “I ache in the places where I used to play”.

Last week, though, while conducting workshops on the future of strategic communications as a post-COVID business survival tool, I discovered a Miracle Cure!!!

Yes, folks, step right up and get yourselves this secret ingredient for a pain-free, youthful body and mind.

Turns out when you love what you do, and are completely and utterly absorbed in doing it, the pain somehow goes away. It wasn’t until I was back in my hotel room, after intense days of brainstorming new approaches for super high-achieving leaders, that I remembered that my knee aches and my neck is sore.

Sadly, we tend to focus on the aches and pains that ensue when we are dissatisfied with our work or work environment. Mental health experts tell us that the environments in which we operate have a strong and sometimes lasting impact on the rest of our lives, and it’s no surprise. We spend so many of our waking hours working or thinking about work and, when things go sideways, the stress and anxiety level ratchets up.

It’s great news, therefore, that there is a miracle cure but, like all miracle cures, it’s hard to come by. I always knew how much I loved and appreciated being able to add value to clients’ work and lives, by streamlining communications and giving them tools to clarify what they want to say, who they have to say it to, and how to frame that conversation or presentation. 

What I didn’t appreciate, until COVID made me see, is how much that positive mental and emotional energy spills over into the more mundane physical aspects of life. The question then is: how can we harness those positive experiences, bottle them, and save them to uncork on days that aren’t quite so wonderful?

If you figure it out, let me – let all of us – know!

Joanna Piros