What stands in your way are not your skills, not your experience, and not your ideas; people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t know how to talk about them.

Using The Inverted Pyramid Tool

When creating content for an interview or presentation do you struggle with what to include? Are you afraid you’re presenting information your audience doesn’t care about or won’t be interested in?

The Inverted Pyramid is a concept which I have operationalized. That means taking the idea and making it useful to you in a way that’s fast and easy. Like a Swiss Army Knife, this tool has several applications. Not only does it help you choose the right content for the audience, but it also helps you structure the way you deliver that content. You can use it for presentations, answering questions and more engaging and effective writing, including emails.

Being concise and relevant are incredibly valued abilities in today’s business world, giving you a competitive advantage right away!

Joanna Piros - Inverted Pyramid Tool