I should be so lucky

I Should Be So Lucky

My dad called me the other day, which is somewhat unusual as it’s generally mom who is the social convenor and keeper of communication channels. He was calling, incensed, because he tried to find information on the storm damage in the Canadian Maritimes, and all anyone had on their newscasts, including all three Canadian national networks, was repurposed CNN footage from Florida. By definition, the news leans heavily toward the newest, biggest storm, so Florida wins that contest but his point is a good and sad one.

We spoke about the crumbling business model of legacy print and broadcast media, and how those reduced budgets have resulted in massive layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, and centralization of editorial control. See this salient piece from Jen Gerson at The Line. https://tinyurl.com/2s3usy6e

On some days it feels as if we have no Canadian stories, that everything happening on this side of the line is somehow eclipsed by the bigger tragedies, gaffes and malfeasance to the south.

But I digress.

What struck me more than our discussion of the erosion of traditional journalism, was my dad. Every morning, after he and mom have breakfast, he takes his coffee into his office and reads, online, a couple of Polish newspapers, the Jerusalem Times, the Guardian and anything else that catches his fancy. With that overview of the world’s condition in hand, he turns to broadcast television for Canadian and local news.

The man just turned 93 and is sharper than many people I know who are decades younger. I pray my parents’ genetics run strong through me, and that I can maintain my critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and strong opinions for a big long time.

Joanna Piros