Have you heard of the new algorithm diet? It looks fantastic! Guaranteed to reduce stomach acid, teeth grinding damage and elevated blood pressure. I’m totally doing it.

The other thing about this diet, it not only reduces your consumption of hard-to-swallow algorithm garbage, but it also encourages you to dramatically reduce how much of it you are cooking up to feed to others. Again, I’m all in!

It’s so easy to start and finish your day consuming social media, and to spend a chunk in the middle of the day producing it. Over time, however, I’m coming to the realization that it’s poisoning me and making me a lazy writer. The sucking chest wound that is social media’s constant appetite for more and more stuff means more and more garbage is being posted on all platforms, even those I once felt were legitimate, considerate, and useful. Scrolling down the list of notifications I see the same verbiage, the same superficial “insights” and the same embedded lead magnets and sales funnel generators. And I’m not without blame, just to be clear.

Various folks have told me about their attempts to limit their social media consumption. My NHL track clients are especially good at tuning out the chirping that accompanies their rise through the rankings and into the NHL draft. That’s just smart self-defence; nobody needs that kind of noise in their heads.

I’m taking a page out of an old book and going back to the days of personal, tangible, individualized outreach. I’m going to try my hardest to limit the online garbage I ingest even if I have to strain it through my teeth, and I’m going to withdraw from the generating of detritus which feels like the digital equivalent of the Pacific gyre.

The irony of posting this resignation on a social media platform is not lost on me so thanks in advance for pointing it out!

You’ll still see some content from me, here and there, and I’ll do my best to check and double check that it’s either interesting, amusing or helpful. Feel free to call me on it when it’s not.

Joanna Piros