Driving Into the Future

Much of the world experienced dramatic weather behaviour over this holiday season and it’s not over yet. From torrential rain, flooding, feet of snow, and treacherous travel, we were all trying to get somewhere and faced the challenges. How did you make out?

In some cases, the schedule itself dictated behaviour and people set out on dangerous roads, ill-equipped for the conditions and unwilling or unable to modify their plans. Judging by the number of upside-down vehicles on both sides of the roads we travelled, things didn’t always end well. You notice we were also driving the same road but with a couple big differences: the right vehicle with the right tires, shovels and sand in the back, and a keen eye on the weather and travel reports to find that precious window where the drive is less death defying than usual.

As we constantly remind clients about their communications planning, it’s not a great idea to determine tactics without a strategy. Having shovels and sand is no good without proper winter tires; watching the weather report is insufficient if you don’t know where you want to get to as conditions vary in different parts of the world, and then there are the air travellers, stuck on planes, on the tarmac, in the airport for hours and, for some, days. Instead of kicking back around the cousins’ tree, you’re sleeping on an army cot with hundreds of other travellers, missing out on the holidays due to something nobody can control — the weather.

How we deal with negative situations and developments says more about us than how we deal with successes and effortless journeys. Let’s remember that as we make our plans for the new year: are you listing all your tactics before determining your strategic goals? Do you even need winter tires if you’re not going anywhere?

Joanna Piros