Almost Like the Real Thing

When COVID hit, the public health nurses at Sechelt Hospital immediately recognized that they would have to offer their pre-natal training virtually AND they realized right away that one of the most reassuring parts of the baby-in-waiting program was a tour of the hospital and a familiarization with the people and places expectant families might see.  There was absolutely no way to do that the traditional, follow me down the hall, way so they turned to the hospital Foundation for help with a fam tour video.

As a member of the hospital Foundation board, I was happy to use my TV reporting and producing skills to help with this important project. Not only did we create a valuable tour video but, under the controlled circumstances of the shoot we could now offer a glimpse inside the OR, something previous pre-natal tours weren’t able to offer.

If you’re expecting a baby, take a little peek and even if you’re not, take a look anyways. Ask yourself: is there something we can showcase at our plant, mine or acreage, that will give people that inside look they can’t get in person today?  It doesn’t have to take weeks and it doesn’t have to cost a tonne.  If you’d like to brainstorm how video might help you reach your customers and stakeholders, even if you don’t think it’s photogenic, drop me a note and we can chat.

Joanna Piros