About Me

Four thousand, five hundred and ninety-three

That’s my rough calculation of how many people I have coached and trained to be better communicators. Better on the podium, at the boardroom table and in front of news reporters.

I am a trainer, coach and consultant and I am passionate about your success.IMG_4220 (2)

After many years as a journalist in radio and television, I have been teaching media relations, public speaking and communication skills in a variety of settings. I work with individuals and with groups and create customized workshops that meet your needs.

My work is both independent and in alliance with COUNTERPOINT Communications in Vancouver.

My client list is extensive and includes almost every industry and profession you can think of: senior executives, cabinet ministers, mayors, celebrities, NHL draft picks, scientists, lawyers, sex trade workers, exotic dancers ….

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Carleton University and have worked as a reporter and on-air announcer in radio, as a reporter, producer and anchor in television news.

You can also find my numerous television and movie roles here


immigrationWhen I was four years old, and my sister was six weeks, my parents finally received the long sought-after permission to leave Poland. They left for various reasons but primarily because the opportunities in post-war Poland were limited, and housing was in extremely short supply.

We came to Canada with $26, scrounged from friends and family on the black market. We came with no English language skills.

My father, a mechanical and design engineer, initially taught calculus at night school and my mother, a dentist, stayed home to raise, eventually, four children.

As the oldest child it quickly fell to me to become the advance scout for the family and my first task was to learn to speak the language – to understand and to be understood.

In all the years since, it seems, my work and career path have stayed firmly rooted in the need for telling, hearing and understanding each other’s stories.

Naturally this also takes a more strategic bent in work with clients who require larger-scale organizational communications strategy, but the genesis goes back to those first days in a new country.