Interview Coaching & Training

Feeling nervous at interviews? Finding it hard to sell yourself?


joanna-piros-3I offer a range of professional interview courses and services to optimize your chances of success at professional interviews. I provide a fully personalized interview coaching service guaranteed to help you improve your interview skills & techniques in a short period of time.

The skills required to answer questions, be they from media, from your executive team, or from your staff, are related but different. You can, however, use a simple template to anticipate and respond effectively to Q and A. I provide you the tools to understand where your audience’s interests lie and how to use that insight to understand the concerns behind the questions and respond to the true needs of your audience.

When it comes to media training, a good grounding in the contemporary reality of the media landscape, coupled with issues-based on-camera practice, will help you maximize the benefits of interacting with reporters.

Joanna recently taught two workshops for the University of Northern BC’s Managers, Directors and Deans, the feedback from our participants was phenomenal, “this is the best workshop I have ever attended”, “please make sure you bring her back”. The workshop was appropriate to the audience, practical and immediately applicable, easy to grasp, entertaining and full of real life examples and opportunities to practice. Gary, the cameraman was a gem, his demeanour was perfect, we did not feel threatened in front of the camera, nervous, yes, but a safe environment to hone in our skills.

Sheila PageDirector of Human Resources, University of Northern British Columbia